air conditioning repair replacement north jersey
Should you replace your Central Air Conditioning Unit?
Repairing an old, inefficient central AC system in North Jersey can get costly. Stashluk AC repair and install specialists can help you decide.
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Stashluk 70 years anniversary hvac nj
For 70 years, Stashluk has Brought the Heat and Kept it Cool in the Summit Area
When your company has been in the plumbing, heating and air conditioning business for 70 years, you’ve pretty much seen every kind of residential and commercial heating, plumbing and cooling problem imaginable.
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fix frozen pipe nj plumber
Frozen pipes – What you need to know to prevent a flooding disaster.
When the temperature drops below zero your home’s water pipes may be at risk of freezing solid. If your pipes have been known to freeze or you have cold areas in your home, consider letting one sink in the house trickle before you go to bed.
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Sump pump repair Morris Essex Union NJ
Spring Thaw – Will Your Sump Pump Protect Your Home from Basement Flooding?
After a long, cold winter it’s a welcome sign when the days get longer and the temperatures begin to inch higher. But the spring thaw can also bring spring flooding to your basement if your sump pump is not operating properly.
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Heating repair morris essex nj
5 Heating System Repair Tips to Keep Your Furnace and Heating System Running Problem-Free
Furnace and boiler breakdowns can put a chill on your winter plans. But a lack of heat doesn’t necessarily equate to expensive repairs.
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Frozen pipes, burst pipe repair NJ
Are Your Hot and Cold Water Pipes and Plumbing Ready for the Winter Freeze?
Frozen water pipes can burst, flooding your home and causing significant damage. Read our guide on how to winterize your plumbing.
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Daikin Hvac Installation NJ
Daikin Furnaces and Air Conditioning – Daikin Installation, Service & Repair in NJ
Daikin is a global leader in heating and air conditioning systems and Stashluk is an authorized dealer and repair specialist for Daikin HVAC systems in the Summit, New Jersey area.
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heating inspection nj homeowners repair emergency
NJ Heating System Inspection – Is Your Furnace or Boiler Ready for Winter?
Heating system problems and repairs are less costly if caught during inspection. It’s a must to have your home heating system checked before winter arrives.
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nj homeowner heat saving tips repair water heater boiler furnace
NJ Home Heating Repair, Service & Money-Saving Tips
If you want to reduce your home heating bills in the Summit, NJ-area there are a number of energy saving steps that you can take to save money and become more energy efficient.
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heating maintenance nj homeowners tips repair emergency
NJ Home Heating Maintenance Tips
After it’s been sitting idle during the warm weather months, your boiler or furnace needs to be checked and simple maintenance performed to make sure that it is prepared for the coming cold weather.
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emergency hurricane inspection stashluk plumbing repair sump pump
Emergency Hurricane Inspections. Call Stashluk!
Hurricane season is in full bloom. In northern New Jersey and the Summit area, that means inspecting your whole house generator or portable generator to make sure it is ready to provide electricity to your home in the event of a power outage.
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stashluk plumbing leaky faucet sink nj pipe repair emergency leaks leaking
Leaky Faucet Repair
Faucets that leak and dripping taps are nagging plumbing problems every Summit, NJ-area homeowner must deal with on occasion. Not surprisingly, Stashluk Plumbing has repaired more leaks and drips in Union, Morris, Somerset and Essex counties than you can imagine.
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stashluk plumbing clogged drains nj pipe repair emergency blockage blocked
Clogged Drains? Call the Stashluk Plumber!
When it comes to clearing clogs big or small, Stashluk gets the job done quickly and effectively. This includes clogs that are local to one toilet, sink or area of the house, or larger clogs that are blocking the pipes somewhere in between your house and the sewer line under the street.
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water heater sale special inspection flush drained energy efficiency diagnose
SALE: $196 Water Heater Inspection & Flush
Did you know water heaters should be inspected, flushed & drained at least twice a year? Make sure your water heater is in good shape with this valuable offer!
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Stashluk air conditioning homeowner thermostat tips suggestions keep house cool summer hot window fan
Air Conditioning Savings Tips for NJ Homeowners
When summer heats up in the Summit, NJ area it’s good to know how to get the most out of your air conditioners or central air conditioning system. That means taking steps to ensure your home’s air conditioning is operating efficiently and saving you money on your energy bills.
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Stashluk automatic standby generator hurricane season prepare storm power outage Summit NJ
6 NJ Homeowner Hurricane Preparedness Tips
Think you’re ready for another NJ hurricane season? Read our 6 important hurricane preparedness tips for NJ homeowners.
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Water Heater Repairs
How can you tell when it’s time to replace your water heater?
Most people are unaware of when their water heater is about to fail, but if you are mindful of certain indicators, you will avoid the potential annoyance, damages and disruptions of a failing unit.
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Stashluk standby generator summer special
Standby Generator Summer Special!
Install your standby generator with Stashluk and get your first year of generator maintenance and Annual Safety Inspection free! A $379 value.
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Stashluk standby generator, backup generator, home generator, power outage
An Automatic Standby Generator Keeps the Power On When Blackouts Strike.
When Hurricane Sandy hit the Summit area and northern N.J., thousands of homes without an automatic standby generator were in the dark for days, even weeks! An automatic backup generator will keep your house powered in the event of a utility blackout by automatically generating power when the lights go out, and then shutting off once your power is restored.
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Air Conditioning Maintenance Tips
4 Easy Maintenance Tips to Get Summit, NJ Homeowners’ Central Air Conditioning Systems Tuned for Summer
Now that spring has arrived, it’s time to get your central air conditioning system and central air conditioner condenser unit primed to keep the A/C in your house circulating cool air all summer long. Your friends at Stashluk would like to share a few simple do-it-yourself (DIY) tips that can help central air conditioner performance.
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