Stashluk Installs, Repairs and Maintains Residential Plumbing Inside and Out

Stashluk not only installs new plumbing, we are experts at repairing plumbing problems such as dripping faucets, leaky pipes, running toilets, low water pressure, leaking hose spigots, slow or clogged drains, sump pump failure, water heater problems and more. Stashluk has the experience and know-how to find, repair and, if needed, replace old or faulty plumbing pipes, appliances and fixtures in the bathroom, kitchen, laundry, basement and throughout your home.

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Stashluk’s plumbing services inside your home include:

  • Leaky faucets repaired
  • Running toilets, corroded shower pans fixed
  • Under sink leaks and drain snaking
  • Water heater repair and replacement
  • Bathtubs, showers, toilets and sinks cleared
  • Appliance installation and repairs for dishwashers, clothes washers, gas dryers
  • Sump pump complete installation and repair
  • Complete re-piping water and drain services
  • Gas piping installation and removal
  • Radiant heat
  • Anti-scald faucet installation
  • Electronic pipe locators
  • Ice-making plumbing installations
  • Garbage disposal system installation
If you have a new or old plumbing or drainage issue inside or outside of your home, Stashluk has scopes and pipe locators to find the problems before walls and floors are torn open. From where water enters your property to where it exits, you’re in luck with Stashluk.

Our plumbing services aren’t confined to the inside of your four walls.

Stashluk’s plumbing services outside of your home include:

  • Main sewers cleared, repaired, replaced and roots removed
  • Underground water and drain piping installation and repair
  • Complete re-piping water and drain services outside, including storm water drainage
  • Pool heater and BBQ gas lines
  • Wells and pumps serviced and repaired
  • Video sewer inspection system
  • Ecologically safe maintenance products
  • Gutter, leader and drains installed and repaired
  • Yard drainage systems

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