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5 Heating System Repair Tips to Keep Your Furnace and Heating System Running Problem-Free

Furnace and boiler breakdowns can put a chill on your winter plans. But a lack of heat doesn’t necessarily equate to expensive repairs. Stashluk has helped NJ Morris and Essex County area homeowners with heating system repairs for over 60 years. Here we’ve outlined some common heating system repair problems that range from easy fixes to others that require the services of a professional.

1. Heating Unit Requires Maintenance and Proper Inspections

A furnace that is underperforming could simply have dirty and clogged air filters. Make sure you change the filters regularly. A thickly clogged air filter can cause serious damage to your furnace and HVAC system. Poorly maintained filters can also lead to a cracked heat exchanger, which is one of the leading causes of carbon monoxide poisoning.

Maintaining Heating System Care Tips:

  • Steam systems – Need to be flushed and cleaned regularly by professionals for best performance.
  • Exhaust or vent piping – A clogged or blocked vent poses great danger to your family. Regular inspection is needed to ensure that venting is unblocked, and exhaust fumes can exit through a clear and open vent.

The best way to make sure your heating system is operating at optimum efficiency is to schedule an annual safety inspection. Stashluk’s annual heating inspection includes:

  • Inspection of chimney base and flue piping.
  • Inspection of all electric connections and components.
  • Inspection of heat exchanger and burners.
  • Inspection and test of operation of all safety components.
  • Check all radiators (if applicable).
  • Check gauge glass (if applicable).
  • Change 1″ air filter.

2. Simple Errors – A quick fix to your heating problem!

Sometimes in our daily rush we run into situations where we overlook simple operating tasks. For example, if the heat’s not coming up the heating system simply may not be turned on. But if we assume that it is, what other minor snafus could be the cause?

Common causes include:

  • The system hasn’t been turned on correctly.
  • The main red emergency off switch has been turned off in the house (frequently found at the top of your staircase, also called a firemen switch).
  • Your thermostat is still set to “Cool” mode, thus your heat will not turn on.
  • You have not turned on all of your zones. You may have more than one thermostat.
  • Steam Boilers: You have overfilled it with water. If you hear banging in the pipes and/or water is sloshing through your vents, call Stashluk to drain the excess water from the system and get it back in working order.

3. Dead batteries in your thermostat

This is a simple fix as long as you know where your battery is located. Refer to your thermostat’s owner’s manual. A blank or dark panel on your thermostat may indicate your backup battery in the thermostat is dead. The backup battery is for memory on certain models and a low or dead battery will not turn on your heat.

4. Motor Failure / Circulators / Ignition Trouble

Equipment failures require the expertise of an experienced technician who is highly trained in working with furnaces and heating systems. True equipment failures can be big or small.

Signs of equipment failure may include:

  • Motor failures – Unusual noises of any kind. If something in your heating system doesn’t sound right call Stashluk right away.
  • Circulators – A failing hot water circulator may also make a loud, grinding sound. If it doesn’t sound right, call Stashluk.
  • Ignitions – Your heating system’s ignition can wear out over time. When it stops operating and your heat won’t turn on call Stashluk to replace it.

5. One of your heating system’s built-in safety switches has tripped and the system won’t turn on.

When this happens do not attempt to reset your system. A shut-down caused by a safety switch usually means something more serious is wrong and needs to be addressed by a licensed certified technician like Stashluk.

Problems that can cause the safety switch to trip include:

  • Heat exchanger – Excessive heat is coming out of the system and causes a shut down.
  • Exhaust Pipes – Pipes are clogged due to excessive dirt or nests. This is a serious issue as venting lets carbon monoxide escape out of your house.

Looking for help with heating system repair? Call Stashluk!

Stashluk can diagnose your heating problem with absolute certainty and suggest an affordable repair or replacement that makes absolute sense. Whether your heating system is new or old, we can walk you through the best way to get your heat turned back on. For 24/7 emergency service or heating system repair call Stashluk at 908.277.6200.