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Annual Safety Inspections

Annual Inspection for Plumbing, Heating, and Cooling  — Summit, NJ

Annual Safety Inspection


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The Stashluk Annual Safety Inspection Plan (ASI)
Enjoy peace of mind as never before with a Stashluk Annual Safety Inspection Plan (ASI). We’ll keep your equipment running at optimum efficiency, and we’ll spot potential trouble before your system fails!

A Stashluk ASI Far Exceeds Utility Company Plans.
While utility companies often offer heating and cooling system insurance, they don't cover the services that ours will. For example, utility companies do not provide pre-season inspections or priority service call scheduling.

Choose one of our ASIs outlined below, and enjoy unparalleled benefits:

  • Special Discount Value Rate Pricing. You’ll get discount pricing on all heating and cooling service and repairs performed during the agreement term.
  • Peace of Mind. With automatic periodic inspections, your heating and cooling system runs at its peak. Efficient and proactive, we keep everything running smoothly - you won’t even have to think about it.
  • Preventative “Medicine”. ASIs reduce the number of emergency calls by revealing potential problems that can be corrected less expensively before causing major repair bills.
  • Fuel cost savings. Regular system inspections will also reduce your utility bills by identifying conditions reducing efficiency and comfort for readjustment to manufacturer standards.
  • Top Experts at Your Service. A trained, certified, dependable Stashluk technician looks after and "worries" about your equipment and its performance.
  • Convenience. We’ll build our service schedule around yours.
    Preferred Treatment. A Stashluk ASI plan increases your system reliability. However, should you need emergency service, an ASI entitles you to preferential treatment.
  • Price Protection. Your agreement price cannot be raised during the term.
  • Service You Can Trust. Stashluk has more than six decades of outstanding service to the community. You can rely on our reputation and dedication to serving you, our costumers! Honesty and integrity have been the cornerstones of our family owned business.


Stashluk will provide you with a qualified service technician to inspect the home comfort systems of your choosing, including plumbing, heating and/or cooling. A plan for a single inspection is currently priced at: $135. If you purchase 2 or more inspections the price is reduced to $89 each (a savings of $46 per inspection!)

Each PLUMBING inspection includes:

  • Street and house water pressure test.
  • Inspection of main water emergency shut-off valve.
  • Inspection of all fixture emergency shut-off valves.
  • Inspection of visible piping.
  • Leak test of water closets and faucets.
  • Check drain flow in all fixtures.

Each HEATING inspection includes:

  • Inspection of chimney base and flue piping.
  • Inspection of all electric connections and component.
  • Inspection of heat exchanger and burners. Inspection and test of operation of all safety components.
  • Check all radiators (if applicable).
  • Check gauge glass (if applicable).
  • Change 1" air filter.

Each COOLING inspection includes:

  • Inspection of condenser and evaporator coil.
  • Clear condensate drain.
  • Check refrigerant performance.
  • Check all electric components and connections.
  • Change 1" air filter.

We also offer Generator Maintenace and Inspection Plans.

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Generator Maintenance
Annual Maintenace is essential to make sure you are prepared during a power outage.  Learn More about this service.  ONLY $379
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