Sump Pumps

When Power Fails, Battery Backup Sump Pumps Installed by Stashluk Power On

To manage clear water, an emergency battery backup sump pump will work when the primary sump pump(s) fail. Stashluk can install battery backup sump pumps that provide extra protection due to loss of power during and after storms, brownouts, wiring or electrical problems. Battery backup sump pumps also take over when the primary sump pump fails due to damage, mechanical malfunction or obstructions in the pit, or when the primary pump fails to keep up with excessive water due to rain or overloading.

Stashluk’s Installed Battery Backup Sump Pumps include:

  • Pumps – 12 V, highly efficient with non-corrosive sump pump construction (supplied with 6’ [1.8 m] leads)
  • Control Box – Includes battery burn-out and overcharge protection. The self-contained 10 amp battery recharger system is a solid state, automatic controller with alarms, light indicators and warning systems.
  • LCD Screen – Always displays battery voltage along with other helpful information about the system.
  • LED Light Indicators for AC Power, Charged, Charging, Low Battery, High Water, and Alarm Off
  • Alarms for High Water, Reverse Polarity and Low Battery.
  • Buttons to scroll display info, and to Reset Alarms
  • Auxiliary Alarm Contact – a set of contacts for connection to security systems, etc.
  • Reliable low voltage float switch
  • Battery Case, non-corrodible polyetheylene
  • Charger used latest switch mode technology

The estimated battery life of a fully charged (175 minute reserve capacity) battery when the sump pump is operating continuously is approximately 7 1/2 hours. Example: the backup sump pump’s capacity at 10′ (3 m) head is 900 GPH (3,407 LPH). Most backup systems require intermittent pump operation. The system will provide protection for extended periods of time dependent upon stop-start requirements.

Stay Dry. Stay Calm!
Call Stashluk to install a battery backup sump pump to keep your basement dry during short-term power failures.