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Sump Pumps

Protect your basement with Primary & Backup Sump Pumps — Millburn, NJ

Sump Pumps
We generally utilize sump pumps, battery backup pumps, and water powered pumps from these manufacturers.


 Water Commander™  

We also offer whole house automatic standby generators to power your backup pumps and all of your house.

A Dry Basement is essential to protect your home, health, and piece of mind.  It's always good practice to have a primary and a backup sump-pump to help insure your basement stays dry.  Stashluk can help you weigh the options on battery backup, generator backup, or water-powered backup sump pumps. 

Standard Pumps

A standard Sump Pump is always the first line of defense.  We generally install the "Mighty-Mate" series of Zoeller submersible pumps. These models are Cast iron and include a powder coated epoxy finish to prevent corrosion.  They are designed to provide great heat dissipation from the motor, ensuring a long service life. This attention to detail is an inherent feature of every pump in this series, making it one of the most reliable in the industry.


Sump Pump Backup Options

Generator Backup

An excellent way to maintain power to primary pump.  Will not help if primary pump fails.
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Water Powered Sump Pumps

Absolutely the best option for reliable backup pumping. Will function without power and if primary pump fails.
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Battery Powered Sump Pump

Inexpensive Solution, Limited battery life means limited operation duration.
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