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Leaky Faucet Repair

Fixing a Leaky Faucet without Dripping Sweat

Faucets that leak and dripping taps are nagging plumbing problems every Summit, NJ-area homeowner must deal with on occasion. Not surprisingly, Stashluk Plumbing has repaired more leaks and drips in Union, Morris, Somerset and Essex counties than you can imagine.

According to Delta, even a small faucet leak can waste up to three gallons of water a day!

If you’re thinking about repairing the dripping faucet yourself, you first need to know which kind of faucet you have—compression, ball type, cartridge or ceramic disk—and then you need to have on hand the replacement parts and the correct tools for the job. In addition, many plumbing fixtures have delicate plastic internal parts. If the parts are old or faulty they may break on disassembly (or already be broken) and require careful removal to make sure no debris is left behind. Consequently, repairing a leaky faucet or dripping tap can either be a simple job or a Rubik’s Cube challenge if you run up against a faucet that is over-engineered or one that is decades old.

Fixing a leaky faucet requires diagnosing what is causing the leak, identifying the correct replacement part and creating a tight seal. For older faucets, finding a replacement part may be difficult because parts numbers or the manufacturer’s name may have worn off. This may require removing the faucet all together and taking it to a plumbing supply store to have a new part custom-fitted to work with the faucet.

But first, turn off the water!

Before you attempt any repairs to a faucet that leaks be sure to turn off the water under the sink or in the basement if you can’t access valves for a shower stall or bathtub. When turning off the water make sure to confirm the shut off valves are functioning and can shut off the water properly. If they can’t the valves need replacing.

There are many videos by manufacturers either on YouTube or on their own websites that can help you fix a dripping faucet correctly. If your leak is coming from other parts of the faucet assembly, such as at the base of the handles, there is also lots of information online to help you repair those kinds of leaks as well.

In situations where water is flowing slowly or only hot water or cold water are coming out, you may have sediment build up which is causing the problem. Rather than disassembling the entire faucet and cleaning the parts on your own, it may be a good time to…

Call Stashluk for leaky faucet repair

Do the repairs sound like a lot of work? Call the plumbers at Stashluk and let our expert technicians handle the repairs! Big or small, we’ll get the job done for you right the first time. Learn more about our plumbing services here or call 908.277.6200.