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Automatic Standby Generator Maintenance

Residential Home Standby Generators: Sales, Service, Installation — Summit, NJ

We are factory authorized to sell, install and service both Generac generators and GE generators.

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Power. Our lives depend on it. From everyday necessities like heating, cooling, refrigeration and lights, to daily essentials like cooking, laundry or kids’ bath times. Power outages are occurring more frequently than ever and lasting longer with devastating effects. Stand up to unpredictable weather and unforeseen outages with the most trusted name in residential standby power.  Maintaining your generator properly is very important so its ready when you need it.

Stashluk provides sales and maintenance on a full line of residential generator systems from both Generac and General Electric (GE).
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Generator Maintenance - Annual Safety Inspection Plan — Only $379

Generator Service & ASI Includes:

  • Remove cart & recycle used old engine oil, & Filters (Oil * Air Filter)
  • Supply and install new 5w/30 synthetic motor oil, Factory oil filter, Factory air filter
  • Remove old spark plugs, calibrate & install new spark plugs
  • Inspection & check integrity (at the Generator)
    • Inspect for physical damage
    • Chassis & housing assembly, Cabinet locks & hinges
    • Generator mounts, Safety access covers & mounting fasteners.
    • Engine mounts, Manifold fasteners, Stepper motors, Linkages
    • Cooling fan assembly
    • Wiring connections at the generator.
    • On board microprocessor (Main control)
    • Gas connections & piping
    • General main & control wiring connections & feeder cables back to the house.
    • Auxiliary external convenience circuits & breaker, Main generator safety output breaker
    • Access microprocessor code history & check logged codes during years operation & weekly tests for possible adjustment needs etc.
    • Examine for possible rodent/insect infestation.
  • Inspection & check integrity (at the Transfer switch)
    • Inspect for physical damage
    • Chassis & housing assembly, Cabinet locks & hinges
    • Generator mounts, Safety access covers & mounting fasteners.
    • Wiring connections at the transfer switch (Main High Voltage & control trigger wiring).
    • Electronics where applicable
    • General main & control wiring connections & high voltage feeder cables (Transfer swt. feeding house & power leads that feed from the generator to transfer switch).
    • Whole house main service safety disconnect at transfer switch.
    • Solenoid faction (Normal power to Generator power)
    • Examine for possible rodent/insect infestation.
  • Functional testing & Examination
  • Upon completion of servicing & visual inspection system run testing is performed.
    • Manual start & run testing engine, then re-checking fluid level.
    • Full cycle testing simulating a "real" power failure.
    • Run load testing & full operation.
    • Upon completion system is buttoned up (Closed & cabinet lock functions checked) and placed back in service ready for the next year/power failures.

Automatic Standby Generator Options

GE Generator Sytems

GE Generators come with an outstanding reputation & excellent warantees.  GE is an innovator in design.
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Generac® Generators

Generac is the market leader in home backup generators.
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