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Emergency Hurricane Inspections. Call Stashluk!

Hurricane season is in full bloom. In northern New Jersey and the Summit area, that means inspecting your whole house generator or portable generator to make sure it is ready to provide electricity to your home in the event of a power outage. From mid-summer to November, the heavy rains and powerful winds brought by hurricanes or tropical storms can easily topple trees knocking out power to your home. Don’t be left powerless.

Before a severe storm hits, call Stashluk to have your generator inspected to ensure it’s ready to provide power while you utility restores you electricity. Call 908.277.6200 to schedule your appointment, today!

Portable Generators

We have Generac GP5500 portable generators available for purchase. We can also provide guidance on how to properly and safely run your generator.

Whole House Standby Generator Inspections

Stashluk installs and services standby generators. We’ll check that your generator is primed and ready to go in the event of a blackout. For complete peace of mind, choose the Stashluk annual safety inspection and never have to worry about the preparedness of your generator again. We’ll check your generator and all its parts and systems and notify you if any repairs or replacement parts are needed. Stashluk’s annual inspection is the best way to find trouble spots before more expensive repairs are needed.

Sump Pump Testing and Repair

Hurricanes and tropical storms are huge rain events, which can quickly flood your basement if your sump pump isn’t operating properly. Stashluk can also come to your home and check your sub pump to make sure it is working properly. If it isn’t, we can diagnose the problem and fix your issue.


If your house has experienced flooding and your home heating equipment has been submerged DO NOT TURN IT ON. DO NOT attempt to relight ANY combustion equipment that has been flooded. Stashluk, along with any other reputable home heating and cooling business, will tell you to replace your equipment. DO NOT ATTEMPT TO RE-LIGHT YOUR WATER HEATER, FURNACE OR BOILER! In forced air systems, flooded ductwork (metal or flex) MUST be replaced.

Don’t wait for the storm. Call Stashluk.

Call 908-277-6200 and we’ll send a service person to check your generator before it’s too late. Let us help you leave those hurricane worries behind.