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An Automatic Standby Generator Keeps the Power On When Blackouts Strike.

When Hurricane Sandy hit the Summit area and northern N.J., thousands of homes without an automatic standby generator were in the dark for days, even weeks! Even more recently, a car accident in Summit, NJ struck a utility pole and took out power for an entire neighborhood for 12 hours. An automatic backup generator will keep your house powered in the event of a utility blackout by automatically generating power when the lights go out, and then shutting off once your power is restored.

5 things you may not know about automatic standby generators:

1. Automatic standby generators restore your home’s power nearly instantaneously.

Automatic backup generators connect to your utility’s natural gas supply and are a permanent installation outside of your home. If/when your power goes off due to a hurricane, violent storm, blown transformer or any other reason, within 20 seconds the power is restored by your standby generator. No need to flip any switches. Once your utility restores power to your home, the standby generator automatically shuts off.

2. Automatic standby generators are “smart.”

Today’s automatic standby generators are computer operated and do all of the hard work for you.

  1. When the unit needs service or maintenance, it can “call” your service provider automatically.
  2. An automatic standby generator can record when your power went out and when it returned.
  3. Many generator units now have a remote monitor that enables you to login from any mobile device and check your generator’s status. You’ll have peace of mind whether you’re on vacation or if you want to monitor the power status at a second home.

3. A residential automatic standby generator can reduce your homeowner’s insurance rates

Yes! Many insurance companies consider an automatic standby generator as home theft-protection equipment.

The chances that your home will be burglarized or ransacked when home alarms are engaged and the lights are on are greatly reduced.

Before installing your automatic standby generator, speak with your insurance agent about the potential savings that may be available to you on your homeowner’s insurance policy.

4. Automatic standby generators run on your utility’s natural gas supply.

In most cases, an automatic backup generator is connected directly to your home’s natural gas line, so it has a constant supply of fuel and can operate through extended outages, keeping homes safe, lit and powered. Automatic generators can also be fueled by a dedicated LP tank as well if you are concerned about the natural gas supply at a second home, for instance.

5. Backup generators are available in different sizes.

An important part of an initial consultation with a generator installation company is learning about your home and your power needs. Some homeowners may only want or need a generator to keep their core infrastructure powered, such as: electric sump pumps, appliances like refrigerators, heating system and basic lighting.

Conversely, there are larger units that can seamlessly power an entire house—so you will never experience another power outage again.

Keep the lights on! Learn more…

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