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Edward J. Stashluk founded our company in the late 1940’s. He was widely admired in the industry as a steam expert, and for his ability to solve problems that no one else could. A plumbing and heating wizard who could find the source of the most challenging issues and fix them, Mr. Stashluk easily fixed and restored even the most arcane plumbing systems in the largest old homes.

A former employee of the New Jersey Water Company, Mr. Stashluk started out selling fuel oil and servicing heating systems. The business was based in New Providence, NJ, and in the 1950’s and ‘60’s evolved into a full-service plumbing and heating company. Mr. Stashluk grew his business slowly, applying his encyclopedic technical knowledge, always demanding the very best for his customers. The company was hired by builders to service the early developments in Chatham, Summit and surrounding towns.

As early as 1964, Mr. Stashluk collaborated with the State of New Jersey Department of Education’s Vocational Division. He gained the state’s certification of approval for our Apprentice Training program, which we continue to the present day.

In addition to his technical acumen, Mr. Stashluk was active in the American Legion and organized Memorial Day parades in the area for 41 years. He remained active in the business until 1986.


In 1982, James C. Huettenmoser joined the company, eventually succeeding Mr. Stashluk. He continued to expand and move the company into a new era of technology and business, introducing air conditioning and automatic home standby generator installation and maintenance. In addition to creating interior comfort, Jim also focused on the importance of fostering healthy indoor environments.

Jim concentrated on expanding the business and improving sales volume. He succeeded in involving the company in housing developments like Berkeley Heights. Jim expanded the company’s work force, increased its truck fleets, introduced new technologies and polished the company’s already stellar service image. He grew the company six-fold, and relocated it to new headquarters at 31 Chatham Road in Summit.

Jim’s dedication to continuing education is legendary. He built a program that combines rigorous in-house and factory training. Under his guidance, Stashluk continues to be a registered New Jersey apprenticeship training facility. One benefit of a great training facility is a great crew - the company’s team members average 12+ years of service with Stashluk!.
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