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High Performance Boiler

Energy Kinetics System 2000 Delivers better heating and Bigger Savings — Summit, NJ


Stashluk is proud to offer high efficiency Energy Kinetics System 2000 Boilers:

  • Hybrid Energy Recovery®
  • High Performance
  • Spiral Biolder Design
  • Cut up to 40% on Bills
  • Made in New Jersey
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Stashluk is proud to offer this high quality boiler - made right here in New Jersey.  A System 2000 combines heat and hot water with a single high efficiency appliance to maximize efficiency in all seasons, with the additional benefits of virtually unlimited hot water and whisper quiet operation.

Learn how a generator works by clicking on the video below:

System 2000 has better technology for up to 38% savings than boilers with similiar ratings.

A heavy cast iron boiler takes a lot of energy just to heat the boiler itself. And when the burner shuts off, all that energy starts to slip away. Our low mass boiler heats fast, and our Hybrid Energy Recovery® (thermal purge) captures energy at the end of the burn that is wasted in other systems.

The combination of low mass and thermal purge is so effective that our non-condensing design delivered better annual efficiency than even the highest AFUE rated condensing boilers in the Department of Energy Lab study.

If your home is a good match for a condensing boiler, be sure to take a look at our 95 AFUE Accel CS™. It's the same great technology in a condensing package, and Accel CS is made right here in the New Jersey!

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